How to Securely Share Your Contact Lists for Co-Marketing with Your Partners

If you’re a partnership marketer—or anyone that has worked with another company to co-market, promote or joint sell a product—we can almost guarantee that you’ve had a discussion that went something like this:

  • Partner: Send me your customer contact list so I can cross reference it against mine.
  • You: I can’t send you my list. But if you send me yours, I’ll cross reference it.
  • Partner: I can’t send you mine either. You know, for privacy reasons.
  • You: Bummer. I guess let’s stick with emailing our own databases.

*Crickets* … Nothing happens for months because there’s no single message that’s relevant to your entire database. And you have no desire to spam your contacts. (Let’s face it, irrelevant messages won’t matter, anyway.)

So our friends at TechSmartBoss (a community of Marketers and Tech Gurus) show you exactly how to cross compare contact lists with your partners privately, without giving up your data. See for yourself: